SESOBEL Annual Report 2019-2020

This year thanks to the generosity of supporters we have been able to send over $200,000 to assist SESOBEL in their care of disabled youth by supplying medical care and medicines, helping feed their impoverished families, and providing therapeutic and educational services.  Funds are sent to SESOBEL’s New York account where they can be withdrawn in US dollars as needed, avoiding the problems of the Lebanese banks. This year the American Friends has had less than $800 in expenses (legal, web hosting, mailings) all covered by a loyal supporter.  In addition, we will soon have a new website which is being created as a donation. SESOBEL is facing a difficult time covering the many costs associated with caring for their special needs’ youth and now SESOBEL is also providing many of SESOBEL’s families food assistance, medicines, diapers, and other essentials.  Some of the homes of these families were damaged from the explosion at the port.  Meanwhile, the economic situation in Lebanon has greatly hurt SESOBEL’s ability to fundraise in Lebanon. In addition, the government has drastically cut their past financial assistance. To view the report on your desktop please Click Here https://rb .gy/n7iq1r To view the report on your mobile please Click Here