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Now More Than Ever

The children of SESOBEL need our support ♥

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American Friends of SESOBEL 
PO Box 1253, Montrose,
AL 36559-2000

This video was created by two supporters – – Roger Ferris and Alvar Esinal


Since 1976

SESOBEL has been supporting families with physical or mental disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, neurodegenerative diseases, and other conditions. SESOBEL is a day program. The children live at home to be part of their family’s life.

SESOBEL strives to create the best quality of life for the child while strengthening the family. SESOBEL uses a holistic, family focused approach to assess and customize each child’s needs and care. Early intervention provides for the best outcome for the child. Academic, diagnostic, rehabilitative, therapeutic, medical, social, and physiological services, and vocational training are all part of the program. Supportive counseling, education, transportation, sibling groups, adaptive devices and protected workshops provide resources to the children and their entire family. Many of SESOBEL’s children come from economically challenged families. Many of the parents have their own health issues. SESOBEL also provides services to children with special needs who do not attend their school, such as evaluations, referrals, and a school inclusion program.

SESOBEL’s staff utilize the latest available methods of treatment, which are supported by doctors and hospitals, and have connections with international researchers and organizations.

SESOBEL is a pioneer and leading institution for childhood disabilities throughout Lebanon and the Middle East. Before the current Lebanese crisis, SESOBEL, began a specialized center for autism to address the growing needs. SESOBEL has been recognized internationally on many occasions. In 2013 SESOBEL was honored with the prestigious Takreem Award for Philanthropy and Charitable Services.

It is not easy to find the right words to express our gratitude towards your concern, your generosity, your hard work and continuous support to the children and youth with disability at SESOBEL. Since 2006, You have given us so many reasons to continue to believe in our mission and go to the utmost no matter the circumstances we are facing in Lebanon. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you and may God bless you forever!


What people say

Sabine Chayeb
Since our first meeting, Julia was greeted with the gift of dignity, and this was presented before the medical care, therapy, and education. We felt Julia was as precious and unique to SESOBEL as she was to us and that made all the difference. The professional team gave our family support and experienced advice. SESOBEL’s core business is to overcome difficulties all day long which makes it a HAPPY place that is felt in the atmosphere, on the faces, in the voices, in the energy, everywhere…
Gabriella Mezher
With SESOBEL’s young students and staff, I learned how to add love in every work I do, and to never stop dreaming. Through my work with the kids during the pandemic, I realized how much we need them to be active in society once the virus comes to an end. It’s a pleasure being a part of this big community, staff and students, where each voice is recognized and heard.
Cloe Zeidan
My time at SESOBEL has been inspirational. It has afforded me the wonderful opportunity of working with children with disability and their loving caretakers. I was part of a similar organization in the United States and it is nice to experience the same environment of commitment and joy to the cause of children with disability, here in Lebanon.
Lulwa Bou Abboud
SESOBEL is one of the best experiences I lived. I found joy in helping the kids. I’m overwhelmed by communicating with such beautiful souls. Their smile brightens my heart. I admire the team work and passion of all SESOBEL’s staff who spread unconditional love to the kids. Now I have an insight on how much the parents of special needs children suffer and how SESOBEL is a huge support to them in this tough journey.